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During the ride down the river, Branch and Poppy have a hushed discussion about Hickory, whom Branch doesn't trust and Poppy turns his words around by saying Branch doesn't trust her judgement, which Branch counters by saying sometimes friends have to question their friends' decisions. Poppy turns to Branch for help, only to find him unwilling to help save her friends, as he planned to spend 10 or 11 years in his bunker instead. In a number of book interpretations, Poppy comments that Branch's "True Colors" are beautiful, an opinion other Trolls share. He has an exceptional knack for singing in Trolls. Intellectual property insurance can form a line of defense against patent trolls. Their leader is Poppy, who was the Princess of the Pop Trolls in Trolls, and Queen by the movie's end. After Bridget and Poppy are done with the greetings, Poppy begins her holiday presentation. Throughout the movie, Branch shows signs of the 5 stages of grief: denial & isolation (his bunker), anger (at Poppy's attempts to get him back in the village and later to sing), depression (when having to talk about his grandma), bargaining (he blames himself for being lost in song that day as an "if only" situation) and acceptance (when he finally shows his True Colors and accepts happiness). By Trolls World Tour, he has managed to achieve great lengths and is no longer a reclusive Troll, but still struggles with trust issues towards other Trolls he isn't familiar with. They rescue Creek, only to find out that he isn't in the locket he had been kept in by Gristle. Branch also has moments in the show where his character is focused on him becoming a better Troll. Branch often wonders if he's the only sane individual in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls. Inside, they meet a Troll they think is Cooper, but it turns out Cooper had gone out on his own journey to find other Trolls just like him, and this Troll is Prince D, his twin brother. The result made him devastated, becoming grey in the process. The most extreme example was in Branch Bum, where he got so engrossed with a new comfortable, confident lifestyle that he adopted an entirely different persona under the name of "Frond". He replaced the character "Masklin". Age During their travels, he gets annoyed with her antics, habit of singing and being positive constantly, stating that she didn't know the "world isn't made of cupcakes and rainbows". But it seems they're too different to get along, just like the Troll Tribes. Since he lived as an antisocial hermit, he was designed to wear homemade clothing. Profile Branch built an entire bunker and filled it with supplies enough to last 10 years. [1], An initial design test showing 14 members were originally intended, image from "The Art of the Trolls". ... Bridget from Trolls. Trolls (True Colors) The plan is to get him on board and then travel to Bergen Town, there they'll show the Bergens the Trolls' holidays so that their minds will be blown. Poppy and the others finally realize why he's never happy. Since he has opposing views to his fellow Pop Trolls in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he often would see a different approach to the world compared to them, and thus scoffed their antics and views. As Branch was always grey, he would blend in; he was designed to be a survivalist at his core. Eventually, Branch's constant singing and persistent following makes her mad and she yells at him to stop, in that moment realizing what he's doing is what she just did to Bridget. These short comings from his arrogance have resulted in him receiving lessons in humility, and often expose his weaknesses the most of any type of storyline in the 2D animations, showing his personal limitations and restrictions that he has as a Troll, with some resulting in new victories as he overcomes them or accepting his defeat. He also wore a blue hug-time bracelet. Poppy, Branch and the rest of The Snack Pack go back to rescue her when Poppy is unable to just walk away. The two groups have a dance-off with Branch caught in the middle. The groups' membership in Trolls World Tour consists of Poppy (who's now Queen), Branch, Cooper, Biggie, Fuzzbert, Smidge, Satin and Chenille, Legsly, Guy and Tiny Diamond. It's similar to the "rama", the actual Spanish translation of "branch". He was meant to have green cool purple accents, and his hair is purposely shorter than other Trolls to foreshadow character development. At some point between the events of Trolls Holiday and Trolls World Tour, Legsly had joined the group. Branch has two main story arcs in the series: his relationship with Poppy and his attempt to become a Troll again. Despite not being on board with Poppy's plans in Trolls Holiday, he still tags along anyway. Branch spends most of the special trying to foil to Poppy's plans to give the Bergens a new holiday to replace Trollstice, until he eventually makes her understand how overboard she had gone with the idea. Family Branch was a strong reference for the Rock Trolls' designs in Trolls World Tour, and it was even pondered if he had been a Rock Troll himself without knowing it.[8]. They temporarily separated from each other, which upset them both. When Poppy suggests to unite the Pop Trolls and Funk Trolls in order to stop Barb, Quincy respectfully declines and D explains the truth about why. In Bye Bye Bunker, Branch hosts his first party, to the shock and alarm of his friends. Peppy then reluctantly explains the existence of the other Troll Tribes, and how their ancestors created six Strings, each representing a different type of music, one for each of the Trolls' different Tribes. Trolls:TrollsTopia Branch is Poppy's boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. When he's not devising, testing and re-testing security measures to defend Troll Village, both real and perceived, Branch is learning how to fit in with his fellow Trolls. His hair becomes a grim black color, and is longer and styled into a rocking mullet. Poppy and Branch are separated from Hickory, and can only watch helplessly as the Funk Trolls are attacked by Barb and her Rock Trolls. He was generally annoyed at her careless free spirit and happy-go-lucky attitude as it made her ignroant of the realities of life, but had developed a fondness of her and actually cared about her. Thus, at the beginning of Trolls, Branch is a Troll who doesn't sing, dance, hug or attend parties, making him an oddball among his people and the only one who seemed to be carrying a burden from the past. IP pirates commonly come from foreign countries. In the Trolls Holiday Shorts episode Trolla-Palooza Tour, Branch is seen playing an electric bass guitar. She asked him for help, to which he responded by giving her everything he had, going above and beyond duty to fulfil her needs. Over the course of the film, Branch will be forced to embrace his inner Troll, even if it includes a dreaded burst of singing and dancing. He's prepared for most disasters and fairly knowledgeable on survival skills. Switcher-Ruby / Bye Bye Bunker 24m. They leave Pennywhistle, who wants to rebuild Symphonyville by herself. Tiny's membership in the group is mostly by association with his father, Guy Diamond. Introducing the new gifts range from Kaleidoscope, a curated colleciton of luxurious gifts to spoil the special people in your life. There was also a plot regarding the Bunker List, which was a list of items mostly written by Poppy that would help him become "normal" again. Branch watches their Pinky Promise in disbelief. In Trolls, Poppy carries around a slide-open picture frame set. The members of The Snack Pack became more empathetic towards him after hearing why he didn't sing or dance. She obviously cared for him, as she was willing to sacrifice herself for him. Bridget tries to stop Poppy, but when Branch attempts to tell Poppy her plan isn't working and they need to stop, Poppy misunderstands him and goes bigger. Throughout Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, he's seen building things from a fake Greygon to a glass ball for Biggie & Mr. Dinkles, as well as a boat he built within moments from a single log. Poppy spends most of the series trying to make Branch "normal", even going so far as to make a "Bunker List" of goals for him to do in order to make him a true Troll. This appears on a number of his figurines. Branch managed to befriend Herman due to respect for his fellow isolationists. Poppy goes off on her own, and leaves him to deal with hug time. Branch welcomed Lownote Jones as one of the original delegates of TrollsTopia, but later volunteered to pet-sit for him in The Snug-a-lug Situation (alongside Val Thundershock, Laguna Tidepool and Gust Tumbleweed). He states in Trolls that he has enough supplies to last 10 years, 11 if he drank his own sweat. However, Branch is harboring strong romantic feelings for Poppy from Trolls, and he credits her for being the one who changed his life for the better. The majority of the members are young adults. In Trolls World Tour, Branch has become a close friend of Poppy and is now a former recluse, happily taking part in their singing and dancing and having fun together. After losing his temper with the cloud, he chases him until they run through the tunnel to Bergen Town. Branch wasn't originally a character of the Trolls movie, but was added after it was re-conceptualized as a musical. When King Peppy says that he plans to run, Branch appears carrying a backpack (the same one from Trolls) and dressed in a camouflaged outfit made of twigs, leaves and face paint. He strove to prove himself worthy of Lownote's trust in him, until he accepted the situation had grown out of control and called Lownote for help, though Lownote assured Branch and the others that no damage was done. Poppy realizes why they're doing this: because they now don't have a holiday, so they have nothing to look forward into. Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Branch often wonders if he’s the only sane individual in a town full of exuberantly happy Trolls. Alt. On the outside, he appeared to be a grump who only looks out for himself, but on the inside he really does care for other Trolls; he hides his true feelings by being sarcastic. A season later in Marshtato Fairy, when given the chance to end the lies about the Marshtato Fairy, thus destroying the fantasy for everyone, chose not to do so based on his own lost childhood. In Trolls: The Beat Goes On, the same set can be seen in a few episodes such as Meet the Peppy, in the background. Most of the time, Poppy will come out on top, and their competitions to prove who's better have become so common that the other Trolls got used to it by the events of Peril Patch. Branch then attempts to finally tell Poppy how he feels, but back-peddles, to which Poppy states she finds being a good queen as important as being his friend. He then rescues and revives Poppy, going with her to Bergen Town. The film ends with them on good terms and until Trolls World Tour they would continue to bond. Poppy with Satin & Chenille from Trolls. In the game, he was a "Rainbow" Troll whose favorite activities are Hair Stunts and Trampoline. His Gem is "Bunker Gem", which was also the focus of the, There are a couple of noteworthy things about his early. But though he's no longer a recluse, it doesn't mean he has forgotten his former life. Poppy inspires him to take chances and continually pushes him to go outside his comfort zone. Whereas Poppy was conceptualized to be bright and cheerful, Branch was a contrasting grey color. In Trolls World Tour he noted he spent hours widdling the pointy sticks he crafted into weapons. Biggie & Mr. Dinlkes from Trolls. He also showed a vicious aggression when he used his rocking mullet to ensnare Poppy at Barb's command. Branch and Poppy are seen together at the end of the movie. The name is found only in reference to. Branch showed general annoyance at Creek's positive energy approach to life in Trolls, and was subject to criticism from him. Enemies The Trolls and Bergens dance and sing the night away. After years of isolation in his survival bunker, Branch's fixation with keeping everyone safe can come across as overkill. Relationships His skin is likewise a cyan coloration. The group mostly ceased their teasing after they learnt Branch's reason for being the way he is. As a child, Branch lived in the Troll Tree during the time the Trolls were still trapped in Bergen Town. Adult Branch has had to really work much harder then other Trolls to get where he is. He's considered "young" in. General information Trolls: TrollsTopia continued this part of his characterization with Buckin' Branch, wherein when he's asked to try out for the Country Corral rodeo he adorns a Country get-up and tries to act like the Country Trolls. He travels with them on Shella Balloon to save Poppy, who has been taken to Volcano Rock City after being captured and her string taken. Male During the date, the Trolls and Bridget struggle to help her with words, causing Branch to step in and tell her what to say. Finally he breaks his vow to not sing and sings to cheer her up, restoring her colors. His plan is foiled by Poppy hiding the entire Troll Village in it. The next morning, Poppy gives Branch a scare in his bunker. However, Biggie is panicking, so to assure him and calm him down, Poppy does a Pinky Promise with him, promising to protect him no matter what. His sorrows made it impossible for him to be a normal Troll because he felt responsible for the event, and was unhappy for 20 years of his life. He escaped with the other Trolls during the last Trollstice. The official Trolls Facebook account also uploaded an image of him with extra details as part of their "Troll of the month" series. All of them became friends with Poppy at some point during their time with her, becoming her entourage and her closet friends. For the most part, the other Trolls found him strange and mocked his inability to act like a normal Troll, calling him a "party pooper" and generally ignoring him. Branch from Trolls. They arrive at Symphonyville, the home of the Classical Trolls, only to find it in burning ruins. Peppy claims the Tribes soon argued over the strings and what sort of music to play, which led the elders of each Tribe to decide they were too different to get along, so each Tribe took their own string and went their separate ways, never to interact with each other again. Will he learn to find more inner happiness with Poppy at his side?

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