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Like the stiffer engine mounts and polycarbonate glazing. Rodas de liga leve forjadas de baixo peso de 10 raios, parafusos de roda de titânio e pneus sob medida Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R de série. And a stiffened steering torsion bar. All about maximum engagement. Responsiveness is instant and true. Continuing the lineage of McLaren LT - our most extreme road cars - the new 765LT pushes the boundaries of driver engagement to the next level. 17. Numbers that must be experienced to be appreciated. Extreme and utterly focused around the driver. We do not fear the challenge. 10. An immensely strong, stiff, ultra-light chassis at the heart of each McLaren super car. shaped by the pursuit of driving purity. – and there's already a waiting list for the $358,000 car, which entered production earlier in September. Unleashing the most potent McLaren LT to date will raise your pulse. Análise: você está preparado para o novo Mini Countryman? Hulk se afasta da família após namoro com sobrinha da ex, Restos intactos de 'antecessor' de fast-food são achados em Pompeia, Sem máscara, Bolsonaro vai a lotérica e padaria em Brasília, Essência de cada signo: descubra qual aroma combina mais com você, Motor: V8 4.0 biturbo, central, longitudinal, Câmbio: 7 marchas SSG. McLaren builds some of the most impressive supercars on the road; however, certain models within the British marque’s lineup stand above — or stretch past — others in terms of performance and exclusivity. This configurator is intended as a guide only and the designs, specifications or colours are subject to change. Every part of the 765LT is designed to make this relationship more telepathic than ever before. Materiais leves e de alto desempenho, com tecnologias avançadas de fibra de carbono para componentes da carroceria. While the dramatic new quad-exit full-titanium exhaust gives spine-tingling voice to all 765PS. Optimised aerodynamics. It boldly signals the rarity and extreme character of the 765LT. 1. Radically lightened and lower, the 765LT uses innovative aerodynamics to create 25% more downforce than the 720S. Lighter is faster. All about maximum engagement. Suspension is lowered. The Longtail story continues. So there’s no air conditioning. The new McLaren 765LT has a legend to live up to: Longtail. At McLaren, we do not fear the unknown. By accepting this notice and continuing to browse our website you confirm you accept our cookie policy. McLaren customers are folks for whom numbers matter, so they’ll appreciate the fact that the latest car in McLaren’s Super Series accelerates 15 … The carbon fibre centre tunnel is bespoke. More downforce. It shares a hollow-eyed expression, lightweight construction, and eminently customizable properties with the M… Sistema de escapamento totalmente de titânio com quatro saídas oferece uma “trilha sonora LT” empolgante, além de uma economia de peso de 40% em relação a um sistema de aço comparável. Veja abaixo 17 itens sobre o novo McLaren 765LT. Mercedes GLB 200, um SUV de 7 lugares com motor 1.3, Imagens do inédito McLaren Sabre vaza em revenda dos EUA, Conheça os 10 carros campeões de venda em 2020, Onix lidera em 21 estados; conheça os 6 onde dá “zebra”, Novo Audi Q3 terá versão Black S line limitada a 100 carros, 10 carros mais valorizados e 10 mais desvalorizados em 2020. Every car that’s carried this name has been unique. The new McLaren 765LT has a legend to live up to: Longtail. Taking the perfectly formed 720S closer to the edge. McLaren's 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine is massaged to produce 754 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, increases of 44 hp and 22 lb-ft over the 720S. With the … 12. Or audio system. Grip and cornering ability are next-level – with bespoke Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo R tyres. Relação peso-potência líder da classe: 1,58 kg/cv (622 hp por tonelada) no peso seco mais leve. 5. Luca Stronati, Head of Software Development at McLaren Automotive, explains how the McLaren Speedtail’s torque split strategy is defined in each driving mode. And this is the most powerful LT yet, with a shattering 765PS. Everything is here for a reason. Each sensation is made more vivid by classic LT elements. Radical. Sensitive tactile electro-hydraulic steering now has an even quicker rack. 16. Novo McLaren 765 LT tem mais potência que dois Porsche 718 Cayman GTS turbo juntos Motor V8 4.0 biturbo despeja 765 cv e 81,6 kgfm, o suficiente para fazer o zero a 100 km em apenas 2,7 segundos Our 2021 McLaren 765LT was fitted with the following options: Roof Scoop — $36,340, Ludus Blue paint — $9,400, 360 Degree Park Assist — $1,740, Battery Charger … Because every LT is born to take on the extreme loads and high revs of the track. McLaren 765LT in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra Spotted on 2020-11-26 00:27 by susussin14 The latter constitutes a 754-hp twin-turbo V-8 that roars like a lion in heat. Extreme and utterly focused around the driver. 8. Aggressive. Inside the 765LT, the unblinking sense of purpose and minimal clarity continue. McLaren 765LT: motor V8 biturbo de 3994 cm³ entrega potência brutal de 776 cavalos. As a matter of fact, the owner of this one just took delivery of it this morning! McLaren will build only 765 examples of the McLaren 765LT – see what it did there? According to McLaren's numbers, the LT can blast its way from zero to 124 mph in just 7.0 seconds, 1.4 seconds quicker than the 720S and just two tenths behind the Senna. McLaren is also responsible for the Mercedes SLR McLaren, the fastest road going Mercedes in history. It is the second all-new car in the McLaren Super Series, replacing the 650S beginning in May 2017. These are the Longtails, and today McLaren revealed a new one at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England: the 2021 McLaren 765LT. Less weight. 13. New carbon fibre body panels, motorsport-inspired polycarbonate glazing, a unique and dramatic titanium exhaust system, light dual-spring suspension… Longtail DNA is woven into everything. Bespoke carbon fibre body panels shape an iconic elongated profile. The McLaren 765LT is a lot of both. Just a few of the words people have used to describe the LT variations of McLaren's sport and super series cars. Born from fearless engineering. Sensational handling. We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. Ar-condicionado e sistema de áudio são excluídos para minimizar o peso, mas podem ser solicitados às McLaren sem custo adicional. The 2021 McLaren 765LT is the top-of-the-range version of the company's Super Series family, built around the 720S core model. Pacotes MSO Clubsport e MSO Clubsport Pro agrupam atualizações opcionais individuais. Uncompromising. Perfect mid-engine, rear wheel drive balance and track-focused dynamics. McLaren 765LT is the 755-hp proof that Woking's engineers have too much free time Despite a last-minute change of venues, McLaren's latest … The McLaren 765LT is powered by a tuned version of the twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine found in the 720S.The supercar’s power and torque figures stand at … Novo Chevrolet Monza faz sucesso na China; sonho renasce, Mobilidade: E-bike da Rayvolt é o novo sonho de consumo, Como a Inglaterra salvou a produção do Volkswagen Fusca, Volkswagen Up muda estratégia e agora só carrega 4 pessoas, “O 765LT é mais rápido, mais leve e mais potente do que qualquer carro anterior com o emblema LT e proporciona um envolvimento quase telepático do piloto”, disse Andreas Bareis, Diretor da Linha de Veículos Super Series da McLaren Automotive. All combining to make the 765LT’s immense performance immensely usable. Being based on the incredible 720S, the latest LT has everything in its favour. And has a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 622PS per tonne. Motor McLaren V8 biturbo de 765 hp de potência (ou 776 cv) e 800 Nm de torque, que proporciona aceleração de 0-100 km/h em 2,8 segundos e de 0-200 km/h em 7,2 segundos. Tech Club - Episode 29 - How the McLaren Speedtail's Torque Split system works. Painel de vidro duplo opcional integrado à estrutura superior traseira de fibra de carbono deixa à mostra o motor McLaren V8. And the seats used in the awe-inspiring McLaren P1™. Anything not connected to driver focus is gone. McLaren 765 Longtail has the appeal of a finely crafted dagger, a tomahawk, a Sig-Sauer MPX, or the elegantly purposeful curves of a Hoyt compound bow. Searing performance. 15. Melhora na dinâmica do chassi da McLaren Super Series, com molas e amortecedores LT sob medida; aumento da bitola dianteira; menor altura dianteira e programas de software exclusivos para a suspensão hidráulica Proactive Chassis Control II de última geração. McLaren says the 765 gets to 60mph in 2.7 seconds and 124 mph (200kmh) in 7.2 seconds, compared with 2.8 seconds and 7.8 seconds for the 720. The McLaren 720S is a sports car designed and manufactured by British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive. Motor McLaren V8 biturbo de 765 hp de potência (ou 776 cv) e 800 Nm de torque, que proporciona … The new McLaren 765LT is finally here! There’s lightweight Alcantara®. A pure, undiluted connection. To find out what cookies we use, the purposes for which we use them and how to remove or delete them view our cookie policy. Your preferred retailer will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours to discuss your enquiry. Modos Comfort, Sport e Track, Freios: discos de cerâmica de carbono dos freios (dianteiros: 390 mm; traseiros: 380 mm) com pinças de freio de alumínio forjado (dianteira: monobloco de 6 pistões; traseira: 4 pistões), Peso DIN (fluidos + 90% de combustível) 1.339 kg, Porta-malas: 150 litros (d) e 210 litros (t), Ângulo da rampa: 6,93º (8,88º com elevação do veículo), 0-400m (1/4 de milha): menos de 10 segundos*. Discos de cerâmica de carbono, pinças de freio do McLaren Senna e dutos de refrigeração integrados inspirados na Fórmula 1 combinam-se para proporcionar maior sensibilidade do pedal do freio e um grande poder de frenagem. Medidas específicas de redução de peso incluem sistema de exaustão de titânio, materiais de transmissão de Fórmula 1, vidros mais finos e janelas de policarbonato de estilo automobilístico. With the introduction of the 2021 McLaren 765LT, they have proved just how much they can break the walls down and attempt the impossible, improving perfection. Mais leve, na tradição McLaren LT: 80 kg a menos que o 720S coupé, com 1.339 kg e apenas 1.229 kg de peso seco -- mais de 50 kg abaixo do seu concorrente mais próximo em especificações comparáveis. Extreme. The most powerful LT ever made… 765PS and 800Nm of torque from a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8. Sculpted carbon fibre is everywhere. Ele eleva a novos níveis os atributos que sustentam todos os LT. Engajamento do piloto, dinâmica focada na pista, peso minimizado, aerodinâmica otimizada e maior potência são amplificados -- especialmente os dois primeiros. Optimised gear ratios – with a unique final drive built from Formula 1 grade materials. The result is a car that weighs 80kg less than the immensely lean 720S. “A conexão através do assento e o feedback do volante são incríveis, permitindo que o cliente explore totalmente todos os aspectos das habilidades do Longtail ou simplesmente desfrute de cada passeio. This is my first spotting of the 765LT and this is the first one Miller Motorcars has delivered to a customer. With gold being the best heat conductor, Murray chose solid gold for the F1’s firewall. The new McLaren 765LT is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 754 HP (765 PS) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque and is paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Latest news from McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, McLaren Applied, McLaren esports and McLaren Careers. And adds to the sheer visual drama. The message is clear: nothing gets in the way of dynamic ability. Novo pacote aerodinâmico McLaren LT, todo em fibra de carbono: separador dianteiro, para-choque dianteiro, assoalho dianteiro, saias laterais, para-choque traseiro, difusor traseiro e asa traseira ativa "Longtail" maior. Aerodynamic innovation. And it delivers on every level. É um dos últimos puramente a combustão e se é para fechar é com chave de ouro: no cartão de visita do McLaren 765LT constam 765 cv, 2,8 s de 0 a 100 km/h e 330 km/h, e ainda componentes do Senna para se tornar incrivelmente eficaz em pista. Read more. Beyond blistering performance and inspiring chassis dynamics, engagement is heightened in many ways. 4. Settle into the lightweight seats within the sculpted, ultra-functional cabin and you’re surrounded by more innovative, engineered lightness. Singular. Rarity & Exclusivity: Built from only the best materials the world had to offer, Gordon Murray spared no expense in the making of the McLaren F1. 11. The 765LT is changing the game in driver engagement. The hardcore McLaren 765LT is a very serious bit of kit and this video shows just how ferociously quick it is on the street. 765LT - Engineering a feeling. Apenas 765 carros numerados individualmente disponíveis globalmente para pedidos dos clientes. A promessa do LT de estar "limitado a poucos" também é cumprida. 0-100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 2.8 seconds. Every car that’s carried this name has been unique. Forget 0-60mph… the McLaren 765 LT can get to 124mph in 7.0 seconds, and won’t stop until it hits 205mph. Mais leve, mais potente e com níveis de desempenho ainda mais altos tanto na estrada quanto na pista, o McLaren 765LT é o mais recente da linha de McLarens "Longtail" e a mais dinâmica e envolvente versão LT da McLaren Automotive. The McLaren 765LT is a track-focused exotic sports car that weighs less than 3000 pounds and basically bolts a nuclear reactor behind its passengers. The letters in its name stand for Longtail, which indicates this McLaren means serious business. 14. For the lucky few, the next chapter is beginning…. Introducing the new 765LT. Focused. and as the name would suggest it's 765hp - 800nm torque and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds from the twin turbo V8 engine. The cabin is alive with sound and feel from the stunning powertrain. Today I’m taking you on a tour of the new 765LT, and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of the new McLaren 765LT — the rare, ultra-expensive high-performance version of 2. Modos Comfort, Sport e Track, Chassi: monocoque MonoCage II de fibra de carbono, com estruturas de impacto dianteiras e traseiras em alumínio, Amortecedores: adaptativos independentes, suspensão com triângulos de alumínio duplos, Proactive Chassis Control II (PCC II). Asa traseira ativa, pára-choques traseiro e assoalho dianteiro projetados e fabricados no McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) em Yorkshire, Inglaterra -- o primeiro uso de componentes da carroceria de fibra de carbono produzidos pela MCTC em um carro da McLaren. Through obsessive lightness. And it begins with MonoCage II. McLaren 765 LT - Com ótima relação peso/potência de 1.6 cv/kg, o McLaren 765 LT garante zero a 100 km/h em 2,8 s — Foto: Divulgação O 765 LT usa discos de … Relações de marcha otimizadas para resposta do acelerador; aceleração 15% mais rápida que a do McLaren 720S e tempos de volta mais rápidos do que qualquer modelo da McLaren Super Series. The 765LT. Less is more never felt so real and vivid. A flying start. Bespoke carbon fibre body panels create a unique and thrilling silhouette. Este carro é a própria essência de um LT.”. Created at the McLaren Composite Technology Centre (MCTC), it generates huge downforce for ultimate stability and super-short stopping distances. But also deliver consistent thrills on any road, every day. Or carpeting. While a new active rear wing defines the Longtail profile. 0-200km/h (0-124mph) takes only 7.0 seconds. 6. With a powerful presence and aggressive design language that deliver incredible performance. O 765LT abre um novo capítulo na história do “Longtail”, iniciada com o carro de corrida McLaren F1 GTR na década de 1990 e, desde 2015, com as versões LT de rua. Just 765 will ever be produced. McLaren 765LT in Greenwich (CT), United States of America I found this insane-spec'd McLaren 765LT parked on Greenwich Avenue on 12/12/2020. McLaren hand-assembles the hypercar at its Woking facility, and with just 765 planned for the 2020 model year, it will be a very rare sight on the road even after all the cars are produced. It’s a perfect base for radical weight saving. Driver and car as one. And the front track is wider. 7. And like every Longtail before it, the 765LT is totally focused on maximising its incredible power. The 765LT can be specified to just 1,229kg in dry form. Exhaustive development has created a highly durable powertrain too. 9. Design interior inspirado no automobilismo apresenta assentos de corrida, túnel central e assoalho exposto de fibra de carbono, além de alcantara por toda parte. 2020 McLaren 765 LT McLaren The most impressive of these claims is that the ultra-light vehicle, which is based on the 720S, can travel a quarter-mile in just 9.9 seconds. The 765LT, then, is essentially a harder, faster 720S – McLaren’s answer to the Ferrari 488 Pista or any Porsche 911 with an ‘RS’ suffix. 3.

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