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The resulting outbreak abruptly ended a 10-day period when no new infections had been detected inside the country. Nei servizi turistici, le guide turistiche e i conducenti svolgono la maggior parte del ruolo, offrendo conoscenze sulla storia, tradizioni, manufatti, siti, cibo e altri della Giordania. During the last few days Syrian official media stepped up efforts to encourage people to use face masks. Covid: lockdown e coprifuoco in Cisgiordania. However, Ankara criticized the EU for violating international law by calling Turkish operations in the eastern Mediterranean illegal. In June, Jordanian officials at the Jaber-Nasib crossing detected two Covid-19 cases among truck drivers of unspecified nationality who arrived from Syria. The withdrawal from the 2011 Istanbul Convention, which protects women from violence, with an overnight presidential decree along with the Turkish government’s recent plans to ban pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) drew EU’s anger. Jordan is taking further steps to ease restrictions amid signs that the country's Covid-19 outbreak is subsiding. Meanwhile, people arriving from affected countries were placed in immediate quarantine, and the government commandeered several hotels for the purpose. Seven people have died and 282 have recovered – which leaves 136 "active" cases. King Abdullah responded by activating Jordan's National Defence Law, intended mainly for times of war, which granted extraordinary – and sweeping – powers to the prime minister. Prime minister Omar Razzaz warned that the shops would be closed again if the rules on social distancing were not observed. The initial result was negative and he returned home to Mafraq. Registration will be limited to companies and institutions, he added. Jordan now has 69 confirmed cases. Most of these were contacts of previously-confirmed cases but there were also 76 in the capital, Amman, where the source of infection is still unknown. Tracing contacts and ensuring compliance with quarantine is proving a formidable task. At least one person has already been arrested. Morocco is adopting a strategy of anticipation to ensure the vaccination campaign continues steadily regardless of the delays announced by AstraZeneca manufacturer in India. One of the Jordanians has been re-diagnosed after reportedly recovering. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. “That is what real solidarity work looks like, that is true health cooperation,” Le Drian said. In the meantime, Jordan has relaxed a lot of its previous restrictions. COVID-19: informazioni importanti in Giordania (agg. If Ankara builds tension, specific measures targeting the Turkish tourism sector could be taken into consideration by the EU. There are also restrictions on movement within the governorates. The extremely ambitious initial plan was to deliver food and other essentials directly to people's homes but it ran into practical difficulties. The health ministry says that if the number of coronavirus cases in Jordan reaches 20, schools will be closed and public gatherings will be banned. ● Ordering some or all of public stores to open and close at specific times. 3. Lebanon’s two-month lockdown has failed to halt the spread of the virus, and the national vaccination process is well behind schedule. Flights in and out of the country have been suspended. Until yesterday the daily totals of new infections in Jordan had not risen above double figures but there was alarming news on Friday when the health ministry announced an unprecedented 206 new cases – of which 197 were locally generated. Among the Arab countries, Jordan has been one of the most successful in combating the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus. Covid Francia, scuole aperte: «Contagi in classe solo 0,5%». Statistics of new cases and deaths across the region, week by week. That doesn't guarantee there won't be further surprises but Jordan looks well placed to contain any new local outbreaks before they have a chance to spread widely. All the results came back negative – as did those from 200 random tests carried out in the Zarqa and Sukhna refugee camps. The private sector intervention comes as Lebanon’s medical system faces growing strain amid a widening financial and social crisis. Jordan is reported to have 24 field teams monitoring the situation in the Aqaba area. The EU is also expected to engage in high-level political dialogue on security issues and mobility with Turkey in June. No US taxpayer money was involved, India has put a temporary hold on all major exports of the AstraZeneca coronavirus shot made by the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s biggest vaccine-maker, to meet domestic demand as infections rise, Reuters reported on Wednesday, Some 50,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived at Beirut airport around midnight, Import of the Russian vaccines would help safely reopen businesses around the country, Their bodies were found in the Ainata-Oyoun Orghosh area of the Mount Lebanon range, three days after they went missing, The four Syrians, including a child aged seven and an eight-year-old, got out of a car in a storm to continue on foot, European leaders express concern about deterioration of fundamental rights and rule of law in Turkey, Ankara urged to abstain 'from renewed provocations or unilateral actions in breach of international law'. Jordan announced new measures yesterday to stem the spread of Covid-19 infections from neighbouring Saudi Arabia. The evolving partnership between the companies, which began in 2019, will mean the expansion of Northvolt's gigafactory in … Last year, the European leaders threatened sanctions on Ankara over the disagreements about maritime jurisdiction in the eastern Mediterranean. A Lebanese man who had been with them is to be questioned to determine whether he was a people smuggler, Khodr said. A view of the Middle East and its politics through the lens of its most popular sport. Giordania Da Sud a Nord, dai Beduini ai taxi. Jordan tightens grip on gatherings amid rising COVID-19 cases, US goes ahead with $1.15bn for Sudan reforms, Morocco expects 4.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses soon, officials say, Lebanon’s private firms pin hopes on Russian jab, Four Syrian refugees die of cold in Lebanon mountains, EU extends olive branch to Ankara with key conditions, 108 businesses closed in Jeddah for violating virus measures, Saudi Arabia permits 10-minute sermons in mosques, as more shut due to COVID-19 measures, Workers with recruitment firms in Saudi Arabia told to get vaccinated, Iraq gets 336,000 vaccine doses through UN initiative, Suez Canal blockage exposes vulnerabilities of global trade flows, Dozens of dolphins rescued at Ras Al-Shabaan in Saudi Arabia’s Umluj, Saudi Arabia had 7 million cyberattacks in 2021, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince receives phone call from Mauritanian president, Extreme E’s Odyssey SUV put through its paces on BBC’s Top Gear, Houthi rejection of Saudi peace plan is based on ‘flawed notion’, Saudi Arabia ‘keen to protect women’s rights’, Outdated ordnance cause of Jordanian military depot blast, Explosion at a military installation in the Jordanian city of Zarqa, ‘We don’t want war’ with Sudan: Ethiopian PM Abiy, Sudan’s cabinet backs UAE mediation in border, dam disputes with Ethiopia, Morocco farmers mourn loss of date palms in border standoff, Morocco: 4 arrested for links to alleged Daesh attack plot, Lebanon PM warns of ‘dangerous’ chemicals in southern oil facility, Two Syrians dead in Lebanon refugee camp fire, Beirut blast brings fresh misery to displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Push to ban pro-Kurdish HDP erodes Turkey’s political pluralism further, Turkish official sees Ankara unswayed over EU sanctions on Eastern Mediterranean, What We Are Reading Today: Quantum Field Theory, ICRC urges countries to reclaim citizens from Syria camps, How preservation of Greek culture made the 1821 revolution inevitable, Adaileh said the new restrictions include limiting operating capacity of public institutions and banning of hospital visits, A nationwide crackdown began on Monday to ensure public cooperation amid the new restrictions, The Treasury Department on Thursday provided Sudan with $1.15 billion in bridge financing, typically loans that cover short-term needs. 12 giorni a partire da domani. There are indications that people with Covid-19 symptoms in Syria are reluctant to come forward – which may be one reason for the low official figures. “Thus, the EU clearly tries to regain its leverage over Turkey,” he told Arab News. The authorities have given some details of how they plan to distribute food and other necessities during the round-the-clock curfew which has been in force since Saturday. That leaves eight locally-generated cases – two below the official threshhold. Country narrative: Jordan March 3, 2020 Jordan reported its first case on Monday – a Jordanian man who had arrived with a friend from Italy two weeks ago. Eighteen of them are Jordanians. The Health Ministry insists that vaccines supplied through companies be “free of charge and intended for institutions, not individuals.” The Russian vaccine has come under much criticism in Western countries, while President Vladimir Putin — who got a Sputnik jab himself on Tuesday — has dismissed the skepticism as “strange.” By Wednesday, 10 days had elapsed without any new infections coming to light inside the kingdom but now there's a sudden spate of new cases. To avoid jeopardising cross-border trade the number of drivers plying the route will need to be increased to allow for quarantining. by James Dorsey  “They have undertaken an enormous level of reform in a very short period of time,” said a source. Earlier this week the health minister said 73 people had been arrested for trying to escape from isolation areas and others had been caught trying to "manipulate" the results of PCR tests by rubbing alcohol up their noses. Those who cross illegally avoid official border posts to return. The regime's official announcements rarely give any details and this lack of transparency fuels suspicions that many cases are being concealed. This is the largest cluster of related cases reported by the Syrian authorities since the pandemic began. The Health Ministry has approved use of the Sputnik and South Korean-made AstraZeneca vaccines. They had been headed for Syria, he added. Since the 2011 start of conflict in their country, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have crossed the border into Lebanon, often with people smugglers. DUBAI: Jordan will ramp up restrictions on social gatherings in the country, Minister of State Amjad Adaileh said, quashing rumors of a two-week blanket … by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. Abdel Rahman Bizri, head of the national committee for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, said: “The backbone for fighting this epidemic is the public sector, and the private sector’s initiating vaccination is a plus.”. The night curfew is being extended to six hours from today and the government has hinted that further preventive measures may be on the way. Jordan has also been repatriating several thousand citizens – mainly students – who had become stranded abroad. More significantly, the cumulative total of confirmed cases in Jordan has risen by a mere 8% over the past week. © 2021 SAUDI RESEARCH & PUBLISHING COMPANY, All Rights Reserved And subject to Terms of Use Agreement. Earlier this week, Nathir Obeidat of the National Committee for Epidemics described Jordan's epiemiological situation as "comfortable" – though he said "No one can know for sure when life will return to normal as it was before the epidemic". One was a child whose parents were already infected. Far from isolating himself, though, the driver hosted an Iftar banquet and had direct contact with about 140 people – at least 47 of whom are now infected. Definita "la Pompei del Medio Oriente", Jerash è uno dei siti archeologici meglio conservati al mondo. Cross-border travel means Jordan is likely to continue reporting new cases for some time, but if the tightened-up quarantine arrangements work they shouldn't lead to further infections inside the country. A nationwide crackdown began on Monday to ensure public cooperation amid the new restrictions. La mancia per definizione è volontaria - a discrezione del cliente. BEIRUT: Four Syrian refugees — two women and two children — were found frozen to death Friday in a mountainous area of eastern Lebanon, local officials said. A further 204 people have completed two weeks' quarantine without contracting the virus. Definite information is difficult to obtain but a report by the Syria in Context website, based largely on anecdotal evidence, suggests large numbers of cases have not been recorded. Available from or, ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror The three cases reported yesterday were all intercepted at border entry points. On Sunday, the health ministry announced that 16 people in the town who had been "in close contact" with the driver were also infected, and on Monday it announced three more. The EU also expressed concern about the deterioration of fundamental rights and the rule of law in Turkey. By Saturday afternoon 392 people had been arrested for breaking the curfew – which could result in jail sentences of up to a year. Ebay and Norway's Adevinta said they will sell three British units so that they can get UK regulatory approval for a $9.2bn (£6.6bn) deal which has been on the cards since July 2020.Last month, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said Adevinta’s anticipated purchase of eBay Classified Group (ECG) could lead to higher prices and less choice for consumers.

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